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science fiction
and you

Image attribution: Day 108 - Cyberpunk librarian via TruColorsFly on Flickr.

imagine a dystopia ...

imagine a dystopia ...

... it's closer than you might imagine

is becoming
science FACT

Image attribution: Testing the Optics via John Twohig on Flickr.


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Image attribution: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Image attribution:Commonwealth of Australia, Workplace Gender Equality Agency

Image attribution: Commonwealth of Australia, Office of the Chief Scientist

Marissa Meyer stops working from home at Yahoo Meg Whitman stops working from home at HP IBM stops work from home policy entrepreneurs-dont work from home
The emerging areas of demand most commonly mentioned were data scientists, data miners, cyber security, as well as cloud computing and infrastructure specialists.

Attribution: Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Employment

Image attribution:Australian Bureau of Statistics

Image attribution:Australian Digital Inclusion Index, 2017

artificial intelligence


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You can't be what you can't see

Idolatry and celebrity

Rei Toei

censorship and mass surveillance

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